A few links fished out of the twitter stream - more to come! Follow me on twitter @LFimlaid or check back here for updates.

Social Media Must See Prezi! A great introduction to social media for educators!

Why Twitter? Educators gather around the global water cooler. Join the converstation!

Twitter Professional Development and Twitter. Great way to connect and share!

#EdTech Twitter Part 2: Join the conversation!

Browsers and the Web Awesome ebook published by Chrome! Superb writing and illustrations - quick guide to web basics - a must read!!

Resource Links from Cybrary Man tech tools and resources aplenty.

Rethinking One One, adding mobile platforms to the mix.

The Moodle Daily, a digital paper on Moodle of course.

Here is my working list of what I have been finding that is super cool for classroom use. Hopefully you will find some new ideas...perhaps you would be willing to add?


General Teacher Tools:
  • The Committed Sardine Blog - 21st Century Skills
  • Teach with your iPad - Social Studies Apps:
  • Teach with your iPad - Special Education
  • Capture your screen shots with Screenpresso:
  • Dan Rodney's list of Mac OS X shortcuts:
  • iPads in Education:
  • Alexa - Web information, traffic metrics, demographics for any website:
  • Live Binder - Organize websites, documents, video, etc... by Topics:
  • Mouse Mischief - Engage, Interact, and provide feedback:

  • Mathwire - Math Enrichment Virtual Tools

Joe Donahue JDonahue805@gmail.com
Here's a beginning list of great resources for educators I found from another educator. The resources available online seems limitless, but here's a good start. Please add your own as you find places you like.


Here's a list of resources that our MERIT team put together last summer:

Here's a link to another great site put together by Steve McGriff at the Krause Center for Innovation:

If you use the Khan Academy (khanacademy.org) videos at all you may have noticed that there is a group of videos that give solutions to all of the released questions on the CST for Algebra 1. He does not have these for CST grade 7 math. So, I've started making these videos for the Grade 7 math released questions. You can find these on YouTube at this link. I hope to have all the questions done by April 8, 2011. If you use these, please let me know if you find any errors or mistakes. Thanks, Joe Donahue (jdonahue805@gmail.com).